ShortCut Shari

You might say I’m a cross between Dear Abby…and the Crabby Office Lady…I miss the Crabby Office Lady!  While my crabbiness varies depending on the day…my passion for helping you to work smarter and not harder only grows with the knowledge I gain every single day.  So STUMP me!  Ask me questions!  It’s my opportunity to learn, too.  Having said that, I might now just opened a can of worms, but I welcome the challenge.

They call me ShortCut Shari because I love keyboard shortcuts, but there are so many other ways to get from A to B more quickly in your daily job…so let’s get to work!

It’s Official! I’m Now an Author for LinkedIN Learning…

Authoring online content is a fun and exciting challenge…and working with the LinkedIn Learning / team is amazing!  Check out the preview of my first course, SharePoint Online:  Managing Project Sites, at or LinkedIn Learning. And many thanks to Ed Liberman and Heather Severino for your guidance and support.  Looking forward to sharing many more courses!

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