About Me

They Call Me…. “Shortcut Shari”!

When I first started in the training world, I was challenged by a very keyboard-oriented client.  I was not to waste his time with this “mouse thing”…challenge accepted.  I quickly realized that keyboard shortcuts made me bionic…(better…Stronger…FASTER!)  and loved to share those shortcuts in my class.  Then, one day a student shouted out… “Well aren’t you just Shortcut Shari!”…and it stuck.  Obviously.  That was more than 15 years ago and you might say I’ve fully embraced this moniker.

So…why should you care about what I have to say?  Well, just like everyone, I know Stuff.   The Stuff I know is just different from the Stuff that you know.  I’m passionate about helping people be more efficient in their jobs because I know how much it helped me before I bailed out of corporate America and pursued this passion of mine.  The only difference between you and me is maybe the two minutes it might take you to read a blog or watch a video where I get to show YOU cool Stuff.  Or maybe it’s the day-long class we might spend together where we get really into lots of cool Stuff.  You might even pick up some pointers in some of my published online courses.   Because, truly, in the words of George Carlin… our life is just an endeavor for obtaining more Stuff!

So, below is some basic Stuff about me, but if you really want all the details…check out my profile on LinkedIN.  Or see if you can catch up with me on the road in my crazy life.  Or we can just get right to the Stuff.

Stuff I’ve Learned

Knowledge is Power…and Education is Key.  So I got one.

  • Microsoft Certified Trainer
  • Microsoft Office Specialist Master
    • Microsoft Office, SharePoint and beyond…
  • B.S. in Business Administration, University of Colorado
    • Emphasis:  Human Resources
    • Minor:  Communication
  • High School (Yeah, that happened…)

Stuff I’ve Done

So, I may be dating myself here, but I’ve had a lot of awesome opportunities in my life.  Some don’t matter here, but might just be a fun fact.

  • eLearning Author and Developer…WOW…who knew?
  • Microsoft Customer Immersion Facilitator (CIE) and Partner CIE Bootcamp Trainer…Changed my world.
  • Freelance Trainer and Consultant…  Now we’re talkin!
  • Human Resources Manager…My adulting phase.  My education but not my passion.
  • Adjunct Professor, Regis University…helped me realize I wouldn’t actually die from public speaking.
  • Assistant to the Director of Catering…which is why I love to plan the parties.
  • Waitress/DJ/Telemarketer/Whatever…all those things you do to feed yourself in college.
  • Pea Combine/Wheat Truck Driver…It happens when you HS in a farming town.
  • Master Cake Donut Maker and Frosting Queen…Best High School Job, EVER!

Stuff I Speak About

When I get the honored with the opportunity…sometimes I get to share with larger groups.  Here are some of the topic highlights, but feel free to check all the topics I love to share at your leisure.  Oh…and here are some of the amazing places I’ve been honored to speak.

  • Microsoft Customer Immersion Experience Facilitator (Hands-On)
  • Email Management (Hands-On)
  • SharePoint, Beyond the Document Dump
  • Small Project Management
  • Microsoft Teams
  • OneDrive
  • OneNote

Other Stuff I Love

So what other crazy stuff do I have up my sleeve?  Just to give you a sense of who I am…

  • Framily First…yes, with an “r”, whether I chose them or not.
  • Sarcasm…my first language (shocker, right?)
  • Movies…mostly SciFi.  Star Wars, Star Trek, Post-Apocolyptic.  I’m no snob, I love it all.
  • Traveling…for work, for play, or what I call “BizCations”  #RoadWarrior
  • Wine and Beer Festivals….quality stuff only, please.  Life’s too short.
  • Riding on the Back of our Wing…to places unknown, hubby on the throttle, wind in my ha….err…helmet.  Safety first.  I’m a firefighters wife, after all.
  • Purple…Obsessed.With.It