eLearning Online

The last couple of years, I’ve been busy, busy, busy creating online content.  Check out what I’ve been working on:

 LinkedIN Learning/Lynda.com

View my content here….

Stay Tuned….check back on July 23rd!

 Shortcut Shari on YouTube

Sometimes, you just have to jump in the pool when you see something the whole world needs to know…so I finally did it.  My own YouTube Channel.  Check out my Snack-Sized Videos…those few minutes may save you minutes every day.  It’s my goal to hear you say…. “Where ya been all my life?”


The following courses created for ClipTraining.com, but also appear on Pluralsight.com

Need Your Own Videos?

I’m glad to help.  Oh, and I have some amazing peeps if your topic is outside my wheelhouse.  It’s all about networking, right??!