Focus Fridays – Reducing “Noise” in my Inbox

It’s Friday again…and I’m at the end of a long week of whirlwind activity, how about you? In the Training world, Fridays tend not to be a day of the week where we are booked for engagements. Most prefer to avoid Mondays and Fridays. (Believe me, I’m not a Monday morning chipper person either, but I can rally if I have to!) So Fridays are the day I try to circle the wagons and regroup from the week so I don’t have to start NEXT week off amidst the rubble of what happened this week.

Today I’m focusing on my overflowing inbox. I’ve gathered quite the collection of subscriptions for webinars and newsletters and I find I’m BURIED in them! Today, I have 2 goals for those.

  1. Unsubscribe from those that are selling me stuff. Usually these come from vendors of events I’ve attended and I’m more likely a resource TO than I am a prospect FOR them.
  2. Start using the Focused Inbox more effectively and have all the subscriptions I WANT to keep in touch with, but have them directed to Other.
  3. My phone is the only place that my MANY O365 accounts are consolidated. What I discovered when I started using the Other feature is that I’m receiving the same emails in multiple accounts! [UNSUBSCRIBE].

What do you do to get re-focused???